It turned out so right for strangers in the night

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这是一篇我在国外留学时在英文课上写的原创短篇故事...惊悚题材(惊悚题材最好写lol), 刚刚被我一起翻出来了。我觉得发上来不是什么坏事儿。

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It turned out so right for strangers in the night

“I’m so tired of people always saying that I’m a good person’ cause I’m not. It’s like if they could only see what was in my head. I'm so tired to be the good person that they saying, I want to let all the hatred out... They don't know anything.”


The first morning of November.

In a double room, Shaun is grooming himself in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror – He's clearly not a fashionable guy, but he's always tidied so he doesn't look sloppy.

"It's seven o 'clock, and I've have 10 minutes to go...don’t need to be rush, isn't it? buddy?" Shaun yell to the other side of the room to his roommate.

"... "There was no response.

"Well... Whatever you like, I'll go first.", Said Shaun, and locking the door.

He walked out of the dormitory and walked slowly toward the school bus, trying to find the one that usually took them to school, but it wasn't there.

"Hey, it's cold outside... Go back inside first." "Said a girl who usually sat to his left.

"Okay, okay... Is it cool again today?" Shaun asked.

"Well, yeah... It looks like there will be snow after noon today."

"Hmmm, I would be very happy if we can have a Snow Day."

"Probably not, at least not anytime soon... But then again, do you know where the bus went?"

Shaun turns and looks back. A Mini Skoolie is coming.

"... Right there."


Shaun is lost in thought as he looks out the window at the view rolling backwards.

He was troubled by the recent feeling that he was unfulfilled, he could no longer see his value in the eyes of others... Although he is well aware that this is the adolescent will to have to face trouble, but when it is the real implementation of his own feeling, it is very annoying. Although he was still accustomed to smiling at people around him, he is now increasingly finding it difficult to smile.
It is confusing... He not a bad person. He is always ready to help others. On the weekends, he sometimes helps his teacher take care of her daughter. But the response he received from reality was baffling: people around him seemed accustomed to his kindness, and his giving nature seemed an obligation to them -- like, an instrument. Gradually, the people around him became more critical of him. Once, Shaun had an outburst, and he had angrily reprimanded people around him, hoping to stir up feelings of guilt. Well, he did get a little comfort and encouragement, but it is from a group of self-deceiving hypocrites who wanted to continue to take advantage of him or simply stand on the moral high ground to show that they had noble qualities. In a sense, Shaun's roommate is one of them. His name is Than, must admit that he is a brilliant guy who has made his high school sports team, and he even has a girl who won the golf state championship the year before, and he's always showing off to Shaun. Although he seems to be an understanding person, Shaun will always criticize or taunt him from the moral high ground when he confides in him-just like everyone else.
Shaun's mind is interrupted by the vibration of his phone. He looks down at the message on the screen: Amber Alert. This is the fourth missing child case this year.

Confused and nervous, Shaun nervously clicks the "ok" button.

"Oh my god... What kind of scum could do such a thing? What have these poor children done wrong?" The girl on Shaun's left gulped.

"Yeah, I don't know..." Shaun had to cope, but to his great anxiety, there were already two serial killers in town.

"Oh my god, oh my god... Can you believe it? I feel like I met that girl last time I volunteered." The girl said in a shaky voice, her eyes moist, and Shaun could only pat her on the shoulder.

The local police have so far had no leads. A year ago, with the latest news, six adults and four children were missing, the youngest as young as six. The most recent disappearance took place on October 10th, yet only a charred wreck was found on the ground.
Local authorities have imposed a curfew and patrolled overnight. But no matter what they did, it didn’t work, in such a shabby town, many places did not even have a surveillance camera; Moreover, the interval and random location of each crime make it difficult for the perpetrators to be caught.

The school bus arrived at school.

Walking into the classroom, a woman says hello to Shaun.

"Hey Shaun, how you doing today?" "Asked Beike, Shaun's English teacher.

"Normal... I mean, not bad, thank you... How are you?"

"You know." She gave him a wink.

Ms. Beike was one of the few people who could make Shaun feel at ease: she never lied to him and always faced Shaun and the world with a tolerant attitude. Yet it is both chilling and ironic that Shaun's parents failed to give him the sense of belonging that makes him uncomfortable

"Shaun, I think I'll walk by your dorm this week... So can you take care of my daughter for me again? Like last weekend? I hope it doesn't bother you."

"Sure, Ms. Beike, it's no trouble at all," Shaun replied. "it's definitely fun to play with your kids."

"That would be great... I'll bring our homemade cupcakes." She winked again, and Shaun squeezed a wink in his face.
It's a great thing. Shaun loves to play with kids -- they're innocent, kind, simple, and don't talk back to people for no reason. Even lying is one of those cute, stupid lies that can be seen through at a glance.

And it is this act of kindness towards each other that has led a few ugly people to call themselves "pedophiles". It used to be that a few people spread these words around the dorm and school, but fortunately they stopped recently.


After school.

Shaun stands at the donut shop across from the school, waiting for the bus. The store had powerful heaters – better than school's cold, bustling lobby.

"Hey, how are you doing today?" It's the girl on the left.

Shaun still doesn't know her name, except that she seems to have been ignored by her classmates at school.

"I'm fine, thanks... You look happy?" Shaun asked.

"Yes, the police have a lead on a suspect in the serial disappearances."

"What... Really?" Shaun shuddered." when did it happen?"

"Just 15 minutes before school ends... Seriously, I wonder what that pervert looks like."

"Oh, yeah..." Shaun counters.

That's what Shaun didn't expect: New huge progress has been made without any forewarning.

"It looks like the police have found a key link to 10 disappearances this year... Read the local news." She said.

"... Well, I'll have a look at it."


Shaun opened the door and threw his backpack down.

"Let me see... Where's the local news?" Shaun sits in front of his laptop on his desk, tapping the keyboard. "let me see... Ah, there it is."
The amount of reading is very high. For an article that was published on a local news website only an hour ago, hundreds of thousands of reading is definitely a good performance.

The article began with two large lines: "A Tragedy! The Murder of Another Young Life, Several Pieces of Children's Clothing with Blood Found in the Basement of His House! The Suspect is Still at Large!"

"My god," Shaun sighs. "Exciting, isn't it?”. He yelled to the other side of the room again.

"... "Still did not answer him.

"Ha, ok." Shaun turned his head and read on.

Police have found a body in a house. They say the woman who was murdered is believed to have been killed by her partner.


The next day, on the school bus.

"You know what? "Said the girl on the left.

"What’s new? "Shaun replied.

"Not really... But my neighbor told me he knew who the girl was."

"... ?"

"The golf state champion the year before last! Oh my god, that someone like that would date a serial killer is something that makes you feel..."

"Are you sure?!?" Shaun interrupted.

"Wait... What's the matter?" She was clearly spooked by Shaun's reaction.

"You said... Is it true?" Shaun struggled to keep his temper.

"Yes, my neighbors and their family are old friends, and can't be wrong."

Shaun slumps in his seat.

Last year's golf state championship... serial disappearances... crime of passion...


Back in the dormitory, Shaun carefully locks the door.

He reached the middle of the two rooms, pushed open the ceiling with a baseball bat and saw the central air-conditioning ventilation system. Central air conditioners, which are expensive to run, are no doubt scrapped; Shaun pulls down a folding ladder and climbs up.

He opened one of the metal panels with a rusty screwdriver and lifted it.

The strip of iron raised a cloud of dust.

Six vacuum-compressed plastic bags line the pipe, and Shaun holds a flashlight over them.

Twisted and decaying bodies appear through transparent plastic bags - those who blamed Shaun for being a pedophile.

Shaun looked at each one with satisfaction, and then his smile froze on the last plastic bag.

It was the bag that held Than, his roommate -- and now it was empty!

Shaun sat on the bodies, panic-stricken -- he remembered the night he smashed Than's skull with a baseball bat; And now all this is happening... No, it's impossible!

Shaun stumbles, falls through the ceiling, slams into the ground.

During the fell, he noticed someone looking out of the window into the room, grinning...


When Shaun wakes up, it was already evening.

He found a note on his desk.

"I'm sorry, my friend... Your favorite little girl is going to be a part of me soon, and this is my little punishment for breaking my skull. It took me 6 pounds of biomass to grow back."

After a pause, Shaun rushed out of the room.

Ms. Beike!

Fortunately, her hpouse was not too far away. Shaun could basically walk out of the dormitory and see the apartment where Beike lived in the distance. He went there last year to participate in Beike teacher's roasted donkey meat.

The corridor was as quiet as the night.

Shaun quietly takes off his snowproof boots - the soles of his feet make too much noise on the concrete floor.

He managed to hold in his breath from the rush.

The door isn’t closed!

Instead of rushing in, he quietly took a fire axe from the fire equipment cabinet on the wall. Taking a deep breath, he swung the axe with all his might towards the corner behind the door.

Sure, Than was a smart guy, but what he forgot to consider was that Shaun was also a vicious demon, and an open door would obviously not make it so easy for him to fall for it.

Shaun pulls back the axe, and the sound of a fall comes from the room. The axe was covered with a thick, smelly black liquid. Shaun went in cautiously.

Than leaned against the corner, trembling, while black, worm-like tentacles protrude from the wound in his right rib.

"You really impress me, my friend." "Shushed Than with that deep figure. "But I'm sorry you're late... Look behind you."

"... "Shaun said nothing. He glanced slightly, then decisively amputated Than's right arm: a folding Swiss army knife lay motionless inches from his hand.

"All right, all right, come on." Than fought the choking pain, but his tone could not hide his panic. "We're same, admit it."

Shaun ignored him -- the confrontation between the villains is so funny, it seems, that the traditional horror scene loses its own charm.

He raised the axe again...

A little later in the morning, the police received a report.


Shaun sat alone in the donut shop across the street from the school, writing a diary of what happened a month ago.

Things look better: the police take it for granted that the five bodies on the ceiling were worse Than they were; Unfortunately, Beike and his wife were both killed, "Rest in pieces". Their daughter survived despite losing a lot of blood, thanks to his timely arrival.

But what still left Shaun wondering was: how on earth did he survive? What are those black tentacles? And why is his blood black?

Second, local police have so far failed to recover the bodies, but in Than's body have been found the DNA of all the victims except those who disappeared in October. In addition, he still clearly remembers seeing the eyes of Than's severed head turn towards him when he called the police...

"Terrible, my friend." Shaun says to the girl on his right.

"Yeah, it's pathetic not to have enough: it's got to take so much to get them to pay attention to you."

Yes, locals are now calling Shaun the hero who stopped the carnage in his small town, and people are starting to greet him and tell him bad jokes that aren't funny.

"They don't understand you, Shaun." She said.

Shaun nodded in agreement: “I’m so tired of people always saying that I’m a good person cause I’m not. It’s like if they could only see what was in my head. I'm so tired to be the good person that they saying, I want to let all the hatred out... They don't know anything.”

"That... I've noticed that a long time." "Interrupted an employee of the donut shop." are you talking to anyone?"

"Oh?" Shaun looked at her. "it's a secret, my friend." After saying this, he put the diary into the backpack, put on the headphones, hum
“Strangers in the Night”, in the shop assistant surprised eyes left alone from the door.

--The end--

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